Use of Calculators

Students are allowed to bring calculators with them to use on the Mathematics portion of the ACT. Calculators are allowed but not required. Students must bring a calculator that is approved by ACT. Use of a prohibited calculator or use of a calculator on any part of the test other than the Mathematics part will result in immediate dismissal from the testing center with cancellation of test scores.

Students must ensure their calculator works properly, as the testing center will not provide batteries or spare calculators. Each student may use only their own calculator. Students may bring a backup calculator in case their primary calculator fails.

ACT-approved calculators include four-function, scientific or graphic calculators. Certain calculators are entirely prohibited while others are permitted with modifications. Prohibited calculators include:

  • Texas Instruments models beginning with TI-89 and TI-92, TI-Nspire CAS
  • Hewlett Packard models beginning with HP 48GII, HP 40G, HP 49G, HP 50G
  • Casio models including Algebra fx 2.0, ClassPad 300, and beginning with CFX 9970G
  • Any calculator with a computer algebra system
  • Pocket organizers
  • Palm pilots and laptop computers
  • Electronic writing pads
  • Cell phone calculators
  • Calculators with typewriter keypads in QWERTY format

Calculators that are permitted with modifications include:

  • Calculators with paper tape (tape must be removed)
  • Calculators that make sound (turn sound off)
  • Calculators with wireless communication capability (place duct tape over infrared dataport)
  • Calculators with power cords (remove all cords)

It is each student’s responsibility to ensure that their calculator meets ACT requirements. Calculators that do not meet ACT standards will not be allowed during the test, which could result in a lower score for unprepared students. Students who bring prohibited calculators will not be provided an alternative calculator by the testing center staff and they will not be allowed to use another student’s calculator.