Score Cancellation

Students taking the ACT test should be advised that ACT reserves the right to cancel test scores when there is a reasonable question of the validity of the score. The existence of certain circumstances can lead to the cancellation of test scores by ACT.

Scores may be canceled the day of the test if a student participates in any behaviors prohibited by ACT or the testing center. Score cancellations may occur if, on the day of the test, a student uses a prohibited calculator on the Mathematics portion of the test or any calculator on any other portion of the test. In cases such as these, the student committing the offense will be immediately dismissed from the testing center and notified that their scores will be canceled.

ACT may cancel scores after the tests have been completed and turned in if certain conditions exist. ACT may cancel scores if testing irregularities are found; including, but not limited to, falsification of identity, impersonation, or if test answers between students at the same testing center contain excessive similarities.

When ACT decides to cancel test scores, they will notify the student before doing so. The student will be informed of their options, which include appealing the cancellation. Appeals are to be submitted in writing to the American Arbitration Association in Dallas, Texas. The decision of the Association will be binding.