Retaking the ACT

Students are allowed to take the ACT as many times as they like. Usually, students choose to retake the ACT in order to achieve a higher score. Over half of the students who retake the ACT receive a higher composite score on the second test. Less than 1/4 of the students retaking the test received a lower score or maintained the same score.

While students are allowed to test as many times as they choose, some restrictions do apply. In cases where students must take either state- or nationally-administered ACTs on more than one test date, only the scores from the first test will be released. Scores resulting from a second state- or nationally-administered test will be canceled without refund. Additionally, students who require special testing must wait at least 60 days before retaking the ACT. Testing before the 60-day limit expires will result in cancellation of test scores without refund.

ACT does not combine scores from multiple test dates to create a new composite score. ACT sends scores to colleges from the test date the student requests. All scores from a particular test date are grouped as a set. When students request that scores from a particular date be sent to a college, all of the scores from that test will be sent, including the scores from the writing and multiple-choice portions of the exam.

Registering for an ACT retake is the same process as initial registration. Options include online registration and registration by mail. For a designated fee, students retaking the ACT have the additional option of registration by telephone.