Prohibited Behavior

Students are expected to arrive on time and fully prepared at their designated testing center on the day of the ACT. Students should follow all instructions provided by the test center staff. Certain behaviors are prohibited and students who participate in these behaviors will be immediately dismissed from the test center with their test scores canceled.

Prohibited behaviors include, but are not limited to, cheating on the test. Cheating involves continuing to write or mark ovals after time has been called on any part of the test, reviewing a portion of the test after that test has been completed and another has begun, and looking ahead in the testing booklet. Cheating also involves sharing test booklets, looking at another student’s test answers, and giving or receiving assistance on any part of the exam.

Calculators are allowed but they must meet ACT accepted standards. Students must use only their own calculator. Calculators are allowed only for the Mathematics portion of the test. Students attempting to use a calculator for any other portion of the test will be dismissed from the test.

Calculators are the only aid allowed during the ACT. Highlighters, colored pens, scratch paper, notes, dictionaries, and thesaurus are not allowed into the testing center. Students who attempt to use any type of aid during the exam will be dismissed.

The use of electronic devices during the test or during breaks is strictly prohibited. All electronic devices must be turned off from the time the student enters the testing center until they have completed the test. Students who refuse to comply or who have a device that makes a sound during the test will be dismissed.

In order to maintain the integrity of the ACT, students are not allowed to remove test materials from the testing room. Students who attempt to remove ACT questions or answers from the testing room by any means will be dismissed from the test.