Disability Accommodations

ACT will provide reasonable accommodations to students with properly documented disabilities. Students who are currently attending a high school where they receive appropriate accommodations for their documented disability may request one of three options for the ACT.

The first option, Center Test #1, applies to students who need specific accommodations, generally for a physical disability, at a regular test center. These students must be able to take a regularly scheduled test within the standard time limits and at a regular test center. The accommodations for this option include, but are not limited to, wheelchair accessibility, snacks for diabetics, and sign language interpreters.

The second option, Center Test #2, applies to students who have a disability for which they require additional time to take the test. Students with a documented disability of this type may be granted up to 5 hours to take the multiple-choice portion of the test and 5 hours and 45 minutes for the writing portion of the test.

The third option, Special Testing, applies to students whose disability requires them to use greater than 50% longer test times, requires testing that spans several days, or requires the student to use alternate test formats. Alternate formats include Braille, a reader, a scribe, or an audiocassette or DVD.

The ACT is offered only in English and limited English proficiency will not be considered a condition that requires special accommodations.