Copies of Test Questions and Answers

In order to receive a copy of test questions and answers, students must test on a national test date at a test center that offers this service. The fee for this service is $16.00. The service, called the Test Information Release (TIR), allows the student to receive a copy of their answers, the test questions, the answer key, and scoring instructions. Students taking the ACT Plus Writing who choose the TIR service will also receive a copy of their essay and writing prompt as well as the rubric used to score the essay. Students will receive materials four weeks after the score report is mailed. Request for TIR services made after the initial score reports are mailed will take three to five weeks to receive.

The TIR service is only available on specific test dates and at specific test centers. Students who take the test on the dates below can order the TIR service up to three months after receiving their test scores.

If the test version scheduled to be given on the above test dates must be replaced for any reason, the TIR service will also be revoked. Fees paid for the TIR service will be refunded. Fees for the TIR service will also be refunded if a student registers to take the test on a date that is not eligible for TIR service.