ACT Registration

Candidates who need to register for the ACT test have several options. Registration can take place online or by mail. Certain circumstances may force a candidate to use a specific form of registration. For example, online registration is mandatory for international students. Registration by mail is mandatory for candidates who are requesting disability accommodations for the first time, testing at a national test center, are under the age of 13, or candidates who need to pay with a check or money order. Registration by mail is also mandatory for homebound or confined students, students with no testing center within 50 miles of their home, and students whose religious beliefs do not allow Saturday testing.

Students can obtain registration packets from their high school office or guidance counselor. If packets are not available through a candidate’s school, they can visit to request a registration packet. Once a registration packet has been requested, the packet is sent by mail. Candidates should receive the registration packet within 7 to 10 days from the request date.

Online registration and registration by mail cost the same amount. Online registration offers the benefit of faster registration and the student will immediately know if their test center and test date are available. In order to register online, students will be required to create a user name and password, which they will use to access their ACT online account.

When registering for the ACT, students will have two test options: the ACT or the ACT Plus Writing. The ACT Plus Writing consists of the basic ACT with an additional 30-minute writing test. There is an additional fee required for the writing test. Students should check with their desired educational institutions to determine if the writing test will be required for admission. Some universities require the writing portion of the ACT while others do not.